Lace Wedding Invitations

When I was contacted by this client with a request to create invitations with lace, I was elated! I love everything about lace and adding it to a wedding invitation was a perfect combination in my mind! My clients theme for her wedding was “Pearl & Lace”, so I knew right away, we had to use a metallic stock paper for the invites.

C&B Invite detail

I found this lace that had gold thread running through it, and knew it would be perfect! Since the lace was the focal point of the invite, we kept the design simple & minimal as to not take away attention from the quality of the materials used. And with all the information that needed to be communicated in this invite, using a gold leaf, front & back pocket card to hold the extra inserts, kept everything neatly packaged, while still allowing the invite to be front & center.

C&D Invite

You may think adding lace to your wedding invitation is out of your price range. But if you designer style on small budget, these high-end invitations can still be for you! When you work with Graphic Giraffe, you not only get the best prices for custom wedding invitations, but you get the options to flex your spending. If you have a little DIY spirit in you, you can save some money by doing the assembly yourself on wedding invites like these. Graphic Giraffe can do the design & printing and then send you all the supplies for you to do the final product together yourself to help you save some money! O course if you don;t have a creative bone in your body, we can do it all for you (even down to addressing the envelopes) and send you the final product ready to go!


Consider adding lace or fabric to your wedding invitations!

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