2014 Update

It”s already August, where has this year gone! My lack of online presence has not been due to anything other than work is crazy! Which is a good thing (I think?). Not only did I receive a promotion at my 9-5 job leading an amazing creative team and taking on more responsibility, but Graphic Giraffe has just been booming! I work with some amazing brides, and they have been telling all their friends about Graphic Giraffe, proving that the best form of marketing (even in this digital age) is word of mouth.

Also, it is important to mention my sister is getting married (in just 7 days!) and being the wedding fanatic I am, I have been devoting a lot of time into helping plan the wedding and put together beautiful stationary for it!

Here are a few projects I have worked on this year that I wanted to share. Keep a look out for more blog posts and new designs!





Christmas Cards!

It’s that time of year when you send out Christmas cards with adorable pictures of you and your pets (or your kids, whichever you prefer!). Although your beautiful smiles are the main focus, a professional design can make you look even better! Check out some designs below & contact Graphic Giraffe to get your order in for this Holiday Season!

Don’t forget, all designs can be customized with different colors!

See pricing below!

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Holiday Card Pricing:

100 qty.  5×7 14 pt glossy or uncoated cardstock – printed 1 side: $80
(Matte cardstock add $5)
(Color back add $10)
(Rounded Corners add $5)

250 qty.  5×7 14 pt glossy or uncoated cardstock – printed 1 side: $120
(Matte cardstock add $10)
(Color back add $13)
(Rounded Corners add $10)

Envelopes available at additional cost.

Contact shelby@graphicgiraffe.com for additional pricing or for a custom designs.

Wedding Board Wednesday – Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding

Barns are not just for pigs and horses anymore, today brides to be are reclaiming the rustic spaces for wedding ceremonies and receptions. A rustic wedding allows for endless creativity and a lot of DIY opportunities. Did you know Graphic Giraffe can provide you with semi-DIY wedding invitations. If you enjoy crafting, but need some help getting stated, we can provide you with a design to do your own printing at home, or we can print everything and end the pieces for you to assemble as you wish! Consider the the Patricia design, featuring a wreath of wildflowers, for your rustic wedding.

Patricia_Rustic Wedding

New Invitation Designs

Just added some new, fresh wedding invitation designs to the gallery. Check them out and like your favorites

Wedding Board Wednesday – Sage & Lace

Sage & Lace

Sage is a timeless & classic color for weddings. Thanks to its versatility, it can be used year round (and it works with most skin tones, for bridesmaid dresses). It can be dressed up, or dressed down. It can be used as a base color, or as your focal point. Here, I have paired it with other neutrals and Lace accents for an elegant affair. This board is inspired by the Lorraine design, which incorporates the lace detail into the design work, and could be used for your upcoming wedding!

Lorraine Sage & Lace


Wedding Board Wednesday – Blush & Warm Gray

Blush & Warm Gray

“Blush”… if Steel magnolias does not come to your mind immediately when you hear “Blush” for a wedding color, then you are missing out.

Shelby: “My colors are blush and bashful”.
M”Lynn: “Her colors are pink and pink.”
Shelby: “My colors are blush and bashful Momma.”
M’Lynn: “How pretentious is this wedding to going to get I ask you?”
Shelby: “My colors are blush and bashful, I have chosen two shades of pink, one is much deeper than the other.”

Not only do Julia Roberts character and I share the same name, we also both love pink! One of my newer designs, Nancy, features the beautiful blush color. It’s a combination of the pink we all know and love and the trendy coral that everyone is eating up for their wedding. Pair it with a warm gray, and you have a sophisticated and light wedding palate.

Nancy_Blush & Warm Gray

Choosing the best paper for your wedding invitations

One of the most frequently asked questions I get when designing and printing wedding invitations for my clients is “What type of paper should I use?” This is no easy question, because there are so many options out there! So in hopes to answer all those questions and possibly give you some inspiration for your wedding, here is a run down of the paper selections most commonly used for wedding invitations.

1. Smooth.

Smooth paper is your basic smooth, standard matte finish. But not all smooth paper is created equal. Depending Smooth CS-600x600on the thickness and quality of the paper, a smooth finish can be very flat, like the type of paper you would see in your home printer, or get from an office supply store. Other smooth paper types may have a bit more of a natural, tactile feel to them. When it comes to wedding invitation, I always recommend a more high quality smooth finish paper. When the paper has that “cottony” look and feel to it, your invitations look and feel premium. Smooth paper is typically the lowest cost as well, and the paper type you should go with if you are looking for a simple, classic look for your invites. Smooth paper is usually where you will find the widest variety of color options as well.

2. Metallic

Metallic paper is a favorite choice amongst brides these day, and it’s no surprise metallic-cardstock-typebecause it is simple beautiful paper. Metallic paper has a shimmery sheen to it, and adds some glitz and glam to your invitations without them looking like someone got crazy with some glitter. Metallic paper can be a little tricky at times because it does have a glossy finish and will not work with all printers. Inks will not soak in as much as they would on an uncoated paper, so you have to treat these invites with some TLC. Metallic paper is probably my favorite choice for wedding invitations, and if you were to mount them onto a contrasting smooth or textured cardstock, they look fabulous! The cost for metallic stock is not much more than your standard quality smooth paper, and the color range is just as wide as smooth paper.

3. Linen

Linen paper is a textured paper that has the lines to replicate the look of a linen pattern. Linen is a luxurious, Screen+shot+2011-08-14+at+9.16.29+PMpaper with a tactile feel to it that adds some interest. Now a days linen paper comes in many varieties and colors. You can even get metallic linen paper, which is pretty nice! Linen paper for wedding invitations is considered a traditional favorite. It is a little more expensive than other paper types, and because of the popularity of digital printing nowadays, linen paper can cause some minor issues. Because if it’s obvious texture in the paper, ink on a digital printer might not always saturate through the texture of the linen. So your printing can come across a bit inconsistent. If you work with a good printer, they will be able to minimize the inconsistencies and increase their ink saturation to help avoid these problems. And honestly, some people may not even notice this because it can be so minimal. But if you are a detail freak (like me), that you might be able to catch the texture of the paper coming through the ink. An easy (yet costly) way to avoid this is with thermography printing, also known as raised ink (or incorrectly called embossed printing, more on that later). If you are crafty then you will be familiar with thermography from putting the embossing powder onto a stamped area and using a heating tool (that looks like a hair dryer) to heat and melt the powder, giving you a raised ink print. That is a great combination with linen paper, but can be costly and also has color limitations as well.

4. Laid

Recently I have been selling laid wedding invitations like crazy. Sister to the linen paper, it is also a textured classic_gray_100_500pstock with a much more exaggerated texture pattern to it. The texture is more ribbed than the cross-hairs of linen and , in my opinion, looks pretty awesome! If you are looking for a much more natural paper feel, then check out laid paper. Its will, like line, provide some consistent printing challenges, but if you choose a paper like this, you might be looking to achieve that vintage shabby chic look anyways, so the printing inconsistencies might add some character to your invite. Laid paper has a pretty small pool of color options, mostly white a natural, with a few pastel option which are hard to come by. If you desire handmade paper but don’t have the time to a. do it yourself, or b. pay for it… Laid paper was created to emulate that style.

5. Recycled

Just about everyone is attempting to go green these days, and that applies to 2011_Kraft_Paper_Labels-006wedding invitations too. When I say recycled paper stock, I am referring to what is also commonly called Kraft paper or Grocery bag paper. You even go to Trader Joe’ and get their brown grocery bags, that they encourage you to reuse as a pennant decoration for your next house party? Well that’s the material I am talking about. What many people don’t know is the variety of color that recycled paper comes in. You have your traditional brown/Kraft, and then also some lighter variations of that. You can even get recycled paper in red, white, gray & orange.  Recycled paper is essentially a smooth paper but a bit more fiberous, so it has a nice feel to it. It prints well, so you don’t have to worry about that, and it’s super cute! So if you are looking to be earth friendly, or just trendy, give recycled paper a try.

These are not all the paper options available, only some of the most popular right now. Contact Graphic Giraffe for more information on paper choices and color options.

Wedding Board Wednesday – Yellow Morning

Yellow Morning

Yet another Annette inspired board this week…. My mother & father had a morning wedding with brunch to follow the ceremony. So here is another morning wedding inspiration board. If you were to get married in the early fall, it would still be warm enough to have your ceremony or reception outside, enjoying the last bit of the warm summer sun (without the sweltering heat). Keep the theme light and airy with pale yellow as a base color, with light, fragrant flowers and natural elements to compliment the decor. Emily would be an excellent choice for a morning wedding.

Emily Yellow Morning

Wedding Board Wednesday – English Breakfast

English & Breakfast

My mother sent me an email this past week with a bunch of pictures and suggestions for getting me back on track with my blogging… so in honor of my mother, here is the Annette inspired “English Breakfast” Wedding Board. She loves the old and traditional feel, so the Brianna design was a perfect fit for this collection. Imagine a morning ceremony, followed by a spot of tea as your guest stroll through the gardens. Now if only we could get on the set of Downton Abbey…

Brianne English Breakfast

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